This is an exciting time of new beginnings.  With our company launch, we have opportunities for our friends to meet the team, support the mission, and get involved with the productions.  

Commissioned to act, model, and proclaim God's truth through transformational theatre productions.

A Play by Dr. Joseph DeLeon

The dramatic play illustrates the human quest for completeness and the infinite mercy of God. The story is portrayed as an artistic representation of the dialogue that takes place between the Body and the Soul  immediately after the death of a person. (Recorded Oct. 16, 2021)

The Judgement  image 2.jpg

The Judgment

The Beginnings

A Play by the Mother Teresa Center

Follow Saint Teresa of Calcutta's journey of her extraordinary call from God to become the Mother of the poor of our age.

Saturday, February 2022

Mother Teresa

Fundraising Event

Season Two theme reveal and production announcment.

Summer 2022

Season Two